A Spring Nature Adventure at Southampton G. C. Huston School

April 26, 2015


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Principal Dan Russell lends a helpng hand for 'camo' wear


 A Nature Experience

It may be the ‘Home of the Hawks’ but, these days, they 'hawks' are calling in the turkeys!

As part of their outdoor education program, students from G. C. Huston Public School in Southampton (Saugeen Shores) have been learning about the flurry of activity that takes place in the forest as winter ends and spring begins.

Treading lightly through bush-land to be as quiet as possible

To make the learning more meaningful, students in grades 2 to 5, who were interested in interacting with nature in a very unique way, were given the opportunity to be part of the school’s first 'Wild Turkey Calling Club'.

'Listening carefully for turkey/bird calls'

 The students had a number of in-class training sessions, during which time they learned to replicate the various sounds that wild turkeys make during the breeding season. Their purrs, clucks and yelps were heard throughout the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.

The 'Wild Turkey Calling Club' proved to be so popular at G.C. Huston that they had to 'cap' the membership at 30 students. Students who did not get a chance this year will be able to join next year.

Students had to take notes about their natural surroundings

 Quaker Boy Game Calls sponsored the club by donating 30 turkey calls, and Watson’s Tackle House in Owen Sound and Lake Huron Rod and Gun in Underwood supported the program by donating camouflage (camo) hats for the club members.

On Friday, April 24th at 6:10 a.m. the G.C. wild turkey callers traveled to a local bush lot, to field test their calling abilities (3 days before the turkey hunting season began).


The weather was perfect for their outing despite a light snow fall earlier in the week. Their calling practice paid off when a big gobbler responded to their 'hen calls' with many thundering gobbles. Although he refused to come out of the bush to their decoy calling, he responded to their calls for about a half hour exciting many of the students.

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The outing ended as the sun rose above the tree line giving the students a beautiful sunny morning for a hike back to the bus.

G.C. Huston would like to thank Richard and Carolyn Sheehan for hosting the G.C. Huston Turkey Calling club and for providing snacks and hot chocolate afterward.  

What a nature adventure!

Principal Dan Russell was hard to see in 'camo' wear

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