Road improvements and changes underway in Port Elgin

April 22, 2015

Town Council

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Road improvements underway at Stafford and Catherine Streets in Port Elgin

Road improvements at Catherine and Stafford Streets in Port Elgin have begun.

Concerns have been raised about the existing layout of the intersection that offset and misaligned in the east-west direction.  Currently, it is a two-way stop with crosswalks for adjacent Saugeen Central School delineated.

Director of Public Works, Stuart Doyle, explained recently to Saugeen Shores Council that in order for the east-west crosswalk to remain, there must also be a stop sign.  Therefore, it has been proposed that stop signs for the north-south traffic should also be installed creating a 'three-way' stop.

It was also recommended that left-turn restrictions be applied during school hours.

After consulting with Police Services, the School, a consulting engineer and local residents, Town staff received positive feedback for the proposed changes.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015