Centennial Pool to get a  new lease on life

April 27, 2015
  Town Council

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Under the watchful eye of Saugeen Shores Fire Chief, Phil Eagleson, the Town's existing swimming pool is about to get a new lease on life.

The Town of Caledon is decommissioning an equivalent size swimming pool to Saugeen Shores' Centennial pool (built in 1967 and attached to the high school) as it is the oldest of their four pool facilities.

 Immediately prior to the decommissioning of the Caledon facility, all new mechanical equipment was installed to service the facility and correct a long term humidity issue they were experiencing. The Town of Caledon had originally posted the surplus equipment on an on-line municipal auction site for sale, which is where Eagleson spotted it.

 Saugeen Shores staff contacted them and expressed an interest in the equipment so that they removed the equipment from auction to allow Saugeen Shores the  opportunity to consider the opportunity to purchase it.

 Staff subsequently toured the Caledon pool facility to view the equipment and have consulted with the original installation contractor to confirm the capacity and compatibility of the unit for Saugeen Shores' space. The equipment is all virtually brand new as it was only in service for a few hours following the completion of installation.

Due to the extreme low usage of the used equipment, (less than 20 hours) the manufacturer and contractor will also offer a full as-new 12 month warranty.

A decision to proceed with the project is somewhat urgent as work to decommission and remove the Caledon equipment must be completed before the end of the school year as the current building housing the equipment must be demolished in early summer.

 If approved, Staff would make an effort to co-ordinate the work with the annual maintenance shut-down of the facility. The new unit has the potential to dramatically increase the air quality in the natatorium.

Staff has been regularly communicating to Council that the existing Centennial equipment is well past its life cycle and continuation of aquatics programming in the municipality is contingent on the existing system.

 If approved the tank work completed in 2014 in combination with this proposed expenditure would substantially diminish the current risk of a sudden mechanical failure negatively impacting ongoing operations and future programming

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"This purchase would give us the much-need breathing room to make a decision as to what will finally be done with the pool," said Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau. "Whether we decide to build a new facility or retrofit the existing one, this equipment will mean we have the time to come a decision."

Councilor Mike Myatt also pointed out that if Council decided to build a new facility, the existing one would still have the capacity to keep the aquatics program viable with the installation of the new equipment.

The total cost is expected to come in at $212,500.  Original estimates in 2011 for a new Dectron unit were expected to total some $700,000 which increased to almost $900,000 in subsequent estimates.

Staf recommended that the funds be borrowed internally from the future capital projects reserve and then repaid over 10 years from the Pool operating budget. Staff also estimated that there would be  a savings of approximately $10,000 annually considering the repairs and utilities that would have to be done.

Given the considerable savings and the almost-new state of the Caledon equipment, Council voted unanimously to accept the recommendation to purchase and lauded the Fire Chief for bringing the item to the Town's attention.

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Monday, April 27, 2015