Tutoring can help students achieve goals and gain self-confidence

May 11, 2015


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Meridian Credit Union Boardroom becomes a classroom two days every week

(Standing L-R) Samantha Colwell-Castles, McKenzie Kruiderink, Megan Brown, Gail McGrory (Meridian Credit Union [MCU]), Stacey Pequegnat, Ali Rashid (MCU co-op student), Jordan Hutton (MCU), Vishwa Shah (MCU) (Seated L-R) Kyra Faulkner, Zoe Wolfe & Jesse McPherson

The vision for S&S tutoring came from a parent's drive to ensure high quality individualized tutoring for her child to empower him with the right strategies and learning environments to reach his potential.

According to statistics, 81 percent of parents who have hired tutors, in contrast to 68% of parents who have not, agree that homework has been a source of household stress.  With today's changing curriculum, even parents are having difficulty working with their children on certain subjects, such as new math.

S&S Tutoring was established in 2014 as a partnership between Samantha Colwell-Castles and Stacey Pequegnat. The two partners felt that this approach would ensure a good combination of business and teaching expertise.

Stacey holds a B.A. Hons., B.Ed. from the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia and is eligible to teach Primary Junior, holds Special Education Part 1 qualifications and is currently awaiting spring registration to complete FSL Part 1. Stacey will lead on the tutoring and educational framework that sits as the backbone of the business quality statements.

Samantha holds a Master of Science in Strategic Planning from London South Bank University in the UK. Samantha’s service design and program implementation experiences sits mainly within healthcare including the delivery of a minor surgery unit, improving access to primary care, a residential hospice for the Grey Bruce region and an integrated wound care and diabetic foot care program for the South West region.

She brings business, program development and implementation and operational expertise to the service as well as a tutoring support to the tutoring team.

All team members possess a criminal check for tutoring children and the service holds liability insurance.

S&S Tutoring reflects collaboration with parents to understand their child's needs and with teachers to ensure learning support plans are in alignment with school curriculum objectives and individual student goals set by teachers and resource learning supports.

The tutoring provided is an affordable, child-enrichment service that is individualized in alignment with school curriculum objectives and that supports students, teaching them how to focus and learn and how to achieve their goals regardless of their academic abilities.

Both one-on-one (30, 60, 90 minutes) and group tutoring (3-5 students) are offered with expansion to include parent workshops and summer camps.

 The tutoring service covers a wide range of areas, including Writing/Reading/Math and Homework  primarily for primary school students and includes a fun aspect so that students are fully engaged and want to learn.

The costs of the tutoring services are:

* Registration - $25.00 (flat rate regardless of the number of children being tutored in one family)1

* Private tutoring - $30 per hour ($15 per half hour, $40 for 90 minutes)2

* Group/Homework tutoring - $10 per hour

(rates for lower-income families are negotiatble)

Parents must also sign a disclosure that not only outlines the service that will be offered to the students but also what will be expected of them. It also provides an opportunity for the service providers to speak freely with teachers.

Both parents and students go through an initial registration process in order to determine the 'lesson and learning need plan' for the year. A follow-up is then done with the parent and student after three months of starting tutoring so that all parties remain connected.


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Stacey Pequegnat (L) & Samantha Colwell-Castles help student Jess McPherson

S&S Tutoring's strength lies in the experience and methodology of the owners.

Should the effectiveness of the teaching model of making “learning fun” and "removing the barriers to learning" not work, regular feedback sessions with both the parent and the student will help to develop ways for improving the tutoring services. The owners are committed to learning new teaching methodologies that enhance the learning process.

According to the partners, tutoring is not just about getting good grades but also about helping students achieve their goals and helping parents determine and  eliminate learning barriers, such as possible eyesight, hearing, exercise or diet impediments by collaborating with local community services (i.e. Opticians) through referral and discount processes.

S&S Tutoring encourages this new way of thinking when approaching learning.

S&S Tutoring works in a variety of locations throughout the community that are safe, accessible and develop community partnerships.

* Northport school library – Tuesdays and Wednesdays – no cost
* Southampton library – general area – Fridays - no cost * Meridian Credit Union – Board room – Thursdays - no cost
* Port Elgin library- large room usage - $5.00 Mondays and $10.00 Thursdays; general area – Wednesdays and Fridays – no cost


"My daughter, Marley has really enjoyed tutoring. She not only is learning math skills but gets to do so with her closest friends. I think the small group idea is great and allows some more one on one time. She adores Samantha and looks forward to seeing her those mornings." .... Colleen Beauregard

"If one method of teaching isn't working, they try another to try & interest the student. My daughter needed more practical math skills so they changed her location to a local restaurant to learn practical math skills. Sam and Stacey care about their students and that the parents get the best for their money "...Christine Coughlin

"Duncan has been involved in tutoring for a few years now since grade 5. His tutoring sessions are rarely missed, he never says he does not want to participate and they have been more than helpful.Also your flexibility to assist with extra time or focus on certain subjects is very appreciated" ... Kim Davidson

"My daughter, Jessica enjoys going to tutoring and has improved so much! Thank you for all your hard work!" ...Lesley McPhersonFor more information, call 519-389-1259 or
email:  s.stutoringsaugeenshores@gmail.com

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