Learning about nature first-hand
by Sandy Lindsay

May 16, 2016


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Students, teachers and many parents ...

trek to the Saugeen River for the salmon release ...

... and then it's back to school

G. C. Huston Public School continues to be a life-skills and appreciation for the environment training ground for young students.

Once again, during the winter, students from Jr. Kindergarten through Grade 3, have raised young salmon from the initial egg stage through to young hatchlings.

Initiated by the Lake Huron Fishing Club, with funding from Bruce Power, the program teaches students about the importance of conservation and stewardship of the environment and how fish actually grow. 

Principal Dan Russell hands out the young salmon

Under the leadership of Principal Dan Russell and the staff, the students have studied a wide variety of environmental topics from communal gardening to wildlife practices, with 'in the field' trips, to the hatchling release program.  Not everything is learned in a classroom.

Girls and boys ... both are fascinated

I know he's in there?  .... what wet pants?

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At the Saugeen River

Older students help the younger ones

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