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May 22, 2015


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A full House to hear
'Pops go the Royals'

New Vocal Class

'Pops Go the Royals' began a new wave of music at Saugeen District Secondary School.

Known for its music program under former teachers Wayne McGrath and then Ian Burbidge, the program is again taking a new turn under the direction of Kerrie Lynn Boys.

Kerrie Lynn Boys

'Pops Go the Royals' held their first concert on Thursday, May 21st,and played to a full house of standing room only.

The concert featured a wide variety of music, including the new guitar ensemble and 'glee club', each of whom has only been together a matter of weeks. There was also Celtic music, with 'Lord of the Dance' Irish dancing.

From popular music of today's Broadway productions such as 'Rent' to music of the 60s and 70s, the musicians displayed flexibility and skill in the different genres with many in the audience remarking at the talent and musicianship.

Vocalists of the newly formed 'glee club' vocal class
(L-R) Cilka Ovettini, Brittany Greig & Danielle Gomes

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New Vocal Class

Boys has also begun a new guitar class and a vocal class that has opened up music to many of the students.

"I've always liked to sing," said Cilka Ovettini, "but this is the first time I've sung in a group like this.

Boys said that she is looking forward to next year and has already begun thinking of new musical endeavours.  "I wanted to see how the students perform and, obviously, I am amazed and excited to work with them."

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