Country Depot Christmas promotion supports Cozy Cat

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A special Christmas promotion continues today 
(Friday, Dec. 21) at Country Depot, in support of Helga Szekely and Cozy Cat Kennels.

The Kincardine woman has spent more than 20 years rescuing stray cats, feeding them, taking them to the veterinarian, and finding new homes for them.

Donna Bridge (L) and Cati O'Brien of Country Depot in downtown Kincardine hold up the donation box and photos of cats available for adoption at Cozy Cat Kennels, Thursday morning

In recognition of her hard work and dedication, Country Depot is accepting donations to Cozy Cat, and all funds raised will be matched by the store.

Numerous donations had already come in Thursday. So stop in at Country Depot, 315 Hamilton Lane, just north of the Tim Hortons in downtown Kincardine, and help make Christmas special for Helga and Cozy Cat.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012