Bluewater Skilled Trades students bring home medals

June 1, 2015


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Team Ontario

Bluewater is sparkling with gold following the Skills Canada National Competition, which took place from May 27th to 30th in Saskatoon. Ethan Raymond from Walkerton District Community School, who was one of three Bluewater District School Board students to join Team Ontario at the nationals, won gold in the Automotive Service challenge!

This latest accolade puts an exclamation point at the end of an already successful school year at the regional, provincial and national levels for Bluewater District School Board students enrolled in the skilled trades.

The Regional Technological Skills Challenge in Owen Sound, at the end of March, included over 100 local students competing to represent our area at the Ontario Technological Skills Competition at RIM Park in Waterloo in May.

 Bluewater District School Board sent a team of 26 students to the provincial challenge. Three of them came home with gold medals, four returned wearing silver and seven won bronze. Twenty-three of the students finished in the top 10 of their competitions, and all 26 finished in the top 20.

The three gold medal winners from the provincials advanced to be part of Team Ontario at the Skills Canada National Competition.

The overall results for Bluewater District School Board from the Ontario Technological Skills Competition are as follows:

3 x Gold Medals Automotive Service, Carpentry (Individual) and Cabinetmaking

  • Ethan Raymond, Walkerton District Community School Auto Service Technology

  • Brett McArthur, Bruce Peninsula District School Carpentry (Individual)

  • Ben Netzke, Kincardine District Secondary School Cabinetmaking

Note: The above students advanced to represent Bluewater District School Board & Team Ontario at the Skills Canada National Competition in Saskatoon.

3 x Silver Medals Auto Painting, Geographic Information System (Team of 2) and Plumbing

  • Chris Hall, John Diefenbaker Senior School Auto Painting - Secondary

  •  Aaron Johnson & Matthew Paulnitz, Chesley District Community School Geographic Information System (Team of 2)

  • Darren Lyons, John Diefenbaker Senior School Plumbing

3 x Bronze Medals Landscape Design, Horticulture & Landscape (Team of 2) and Robotics (Team of 4)

  • Noah Mothersell, Grey Highlands Secondary School Landscape Design

  •  Carmen Weatherall & Garrett Reed, Grey Highlands Secondary School Horticulture & Landscape (Team of 2

  •  Ryan Williamson, Eryn Rumsey, Mitchell Greeley & Greg Bailey, John Diefenbaker Senior School Robotics (Team of 4)


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2 x 5th Home Building (Team of 4) and Small Powered Equipment

  • Noah VanVeen, Logan Shewfelt, Zack Benedict & Aleksander Bogdanovic, Kincardine District Secondary School Home Building (Team of 4)
  • Declan Mowle, Kincardine District Secondary School Small Powered Equipment

2 x 9th Precision Machining and Job Interview

  • Andrew Brillinger, John Diefenbaker Senior School Precision Machining
  • Cody Hollands, John Diefenbaker Senior School Job Interview

13th Welding

  • Devon Winget, Grey Highlands Secondary School

15th Carpentry (Team of 2)

  • Damian Walker & Benjamin Harrison, Chesley District Community School

18th Electrical Installations

  • Shiann Booth, Saugeen District Secondary School

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Monday, June 01, 2015