Team 'Bald and Beautiful' fundraises for cancer

June 25, 2015


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The entire school turns out to take in the 'head shaving' fundraiser
Best friends Sawyer Inkster (L) & Joel Broere ... not so much fun anymore ...

... hmmmm ...

.... don't know about this ....

... positive moral support from mom at the end

Port Elgin Central School Team 'Bald and Beautiful' proved what can happen when everyone pulls together.

On Friday, June 19th, the school held a 'shave off' in support of cancer research.

They had set their sights on raising $2,500.  Little did they know.

The final total was over $6,000!
Joel Broere doesn't find it too bad after watching his best friend ....

Sawyer Inkster raised $781 and best friend Joel Broere raised over $250.

Next, it was Mr. Burrows' turn.  He said he hadn't had his hair short since he was nine years old .... "and that's a long time ago!"

WOW!  Nothing left!

Red locks are gone for Jessica McCandless who raised $535 - when her goal was $250

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When it came to hair, Jacqueline Kippers definitely had the most to lose ...

One down ... one to go ...

... and it's not over yet!

No Hard Feelings for the those who did the shearing (L) Megan Macauley and Tina Skomoroski (R)
Kippers raised $4,000!

What's the old saying ... two heads are better than one?

In this case, three heads were the best when it came to going over the topl!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015