Community Watch moving toward a higher profile

June 29, 2015

Town Council

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"Until now," says Saugeen Shores new Community Watch Program Coordinator, Kent Milroy, "the profile of the program has been intentionally kept 'under the radar' and it is my intention to reverse that stance and let everyone know, legal or illegal, that 'people are watching'!"

Milroy was presenting to Town Council the new direction that he would like to see Community Watch go in moving forward.

The program is made up of volunteers who are carefully selected, screened and trained for their duties which does not include any law-enforcement function.


The volunteers commit four hours on an evening, generally on a weekend, to patrol in their vehicles and provide support to the Police Service by being 'an extra set of eyes'. 

During a shift, volunteers can fill the gap patrolling areas where they are aware that police presence is thin or non-existent, particularly during the busy summer vacation months when police are kept busy responding to incidents.

Volunteers are always in safe ocntact with a dispatcher while on the road and also carry a police portable radio so that they know where police units are and they can shift their patrols to other areas of the community.

The program currently has 19 volunteers but Milroy would like to see that number increase to 25 or more.  "We would like to see citizens and the business community become more responsible for their own safety and security.  Also, in this day age of shrinking municipal budgets and increased expectations, citizens need to step up to the plate and offer solutions." 



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Kent Milroy with new signage

"Chief Rivett has been the moving force behind Community Watch and has moved mountain to ensure its relevance," added Milroy.  "In my opinion, we would like to see new signage installed in areas where it will do the most good.  The higher profile, the better the results."

"We have also been working with Stu Doyle, Director of Public Works, and he is very positive about erecting the signs."

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Monday, June 29, 2015