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Written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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During WWII the greatest secret was the breaking of the Nazi Military codes which used the Enigma machine.  The Germans thought it was impossible.  The Brits proved otherwise.

Today confidential information is transmitted via the Internet using a technique called 'Public Key Encryption' PKE.  At its base it uses the fact that it is difficult to factor a very large number that is the product of two large primes. (primes are those numbers that have only factors of 1 and themselves).

Some of the most gifted people in the world work to break codes or create secure ones.  The question is:  Has anyone broken the highest security codes?

Until recently, I would have answered with a doubtful shake of my head, now I'm not too sure.  We are speaking of the most secure of the secure.

One of my mathematician friends sent me a note about an opinion given by a researcher.  For the article, Click Here

Should we worry?  I think we should.  Here is why.

  1. Economy drain done over time would begin.

  2. Complete economic panic and bank failure could happen quickly.

  3. National and International Security issues would be open books.

  4. Credit collapse would take place.

If there are people clever enough to break the code, they are sure to have set up fire walls to protect not so much themselves, but the fact that PKE has been broken.

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Rather than take the world economy down in a flash, which would be the terrorists' method, the clever ones would have the freedom and time to slowly profit by the failure of PKE.

Like the British in WWII they would not want to reveal that they had broken the back of security world-wide.  They could slowly and easily move things around to their advantage.

They could be caught by the traces of these movements, but not easily.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015