Major Stone Festival will bring in world master artisans

August 4, 2015

First Nations

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The former amphitheatre is being dismantled

A 'roundhouse' structure has been started...

... and will become a cultural centre

As progress continues on the Saugeen First Nation dry-stone walling project, plans are also underway for a major Stone Festival August 15, 16 and 17.

The stone walling project, that will see a major renovation over a number of years of what is known as the amphitheatre, is expected to be the largest of its kind in North America and is also a teaching program for Saugeen First Nation.  Several of the First Nation men have undertaken to learn the exacting process of dry stone walling under the teaching of Master Stone Waller, Dean  McLellan.

To see the project opening, Click Here  or Read Here for more.

A unique wall will form part of the shoring up on either side of the amphitheatre and also includes several carvings by the men of Saugeen, who are also learning the technique of stone carving.

Section by section the dismantling of the amphitheatre has begun


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The Stone Festival will be open to the public ... for detailed information,  CLICK HERE .

Among those attending, will be master stone wallers from the U.K. and Master artisan and carver Nicholas Fairplay.

"It isn't often that we will see this many master craftsmen at one event," says Stone Craftsman, Menno Braam, who is also an instructor on the project.  "We will be working on a mammoth roundhouse that will become a cultural centre here at Saugeen.  The structure will be 40 ft. in diameter and seven feet tall.  The walls will range from three feet to two feet thick with two entrances.  It will also include a 'living' roof of traditional native plantings.  Everyone is very excited about it."

A book has also been created to create awareness of the project and its progress to date.

"I'm very excited to announce that our Saugeen Program Books are ready for ordering! These books took a lot of work, but came out beautifully," says Menno Braam. "Inside there are over 150 color photos of the entire process so far, as well as detailed descriptions of every step we've taken.  It's our hope that it will help spread awareness of the program here in Saugeen, and also raise funds to ensure that this massive project will run to the Amphitheatre's completion. Please share this with any family or friends who you think may be interested in learning about one of North America's largest on-going dry stone projects, as well as the continuing legacy of the Saugeen First Nation #29 community from one generation to the next."

The book will be available at the Stone Festival on site or can be ordered through the link below:


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