Water Walkers honoured at Saugeen First Nation POW WOW
by Sandy Lindsay

August 13, 2015


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(L) Sylvie Simard of Kapuskasing and 'Tiffany' of Beausoleil

'Grandmother Josephine' Mandamin leads an inter-tribal walk at Saugeen

For more than a month, 'Grandmother Josephine' and an entourage of water walkers have been walking across two provinces raising awareness on the importance of the Great Lakes fresh water.

The Mother Earth Water Walk began in Quebec and will end in Madeline, Wisconsin.

Madamin, who is an Ojibwe elder born on Manitoulin Island and who initiated the walk, has lead other Water Walks around the Great Lakes and, on Saturday August 8th, made a stop at Saugeen First Nation 44th annual POW WOW.

There she spoke about the importance of the lakes and fresh water and how it must be conserved and protected.  "Each of the Great Lakes is unique and the water must be protected for future generations.  Our ancestors have traveled these same paths for many generations and we are now thinking about the generations who will follow us."

A hug from one generation to another

Each morning, the walkers begin at approximately 4:30 a.m., taking turns at carrying the 'sacred' water.  Once they start, the water must keep moving for the day.

Women carry the water and, for the most part, men carry the Eagle staff, a symbol of protection. 

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Water Walkers honoured

Blanket appreciation

The 'blanket' was passed for donations to help the Walkers with expenses along the way.

Passing through Underwood, ON

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Thursday, August 13, 2015