Liberals offer an historic infrastructure investment

August 27, 2015



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A Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau will make historic new investments in infrastructure across the country, strengthening the middle class, creating jobs, and growing our economy, says Allan Thompson, Liberal candidate for Huron-Bruce.

 "This election is a choice between jobs and growth or austerity and cuts. As I speak with residents in Huron-Bruce, one thing remains certain: after a decade of Stephen Harper, people are struggling, said Thompson. "Harper has failed to grow the middle class, and Thomas Mulcair would cut billions of dollars in public investments. Our community needs a real plan for change, and only Liberals will make historic investments that will bring jobs and growth to towns like Kincardine.

People in Huron-Bruce understand the real needs our community faces around infrastructure. The Liberal plan will address the issues we face by:

  • Providing new, dedicated funding for social infrastructure that prioritizes affordable housing and seniors facilities, early learning and child care, and cultural or recreational infrastructure.

  • Helping to build more housing units, refurbishing existing ones, renewing existing co-operative agreements, and providing funding support for municipalities.

  • Funding the creation of thousands of new child care spaces, enhancing their quality, and ensuring that affordable child care spaces are available to more families who need them.

A Trudeau-led government will nearly double federal infrastructure investment to almost $125 billion from the current $65 billion over the next decade, a transfer growing to an additional $9.5 billion by year ten."



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"We know that investing in public infrastructure not only grows the economy and creates jobs, but makes our communities and cities stronger," continued Thompson. "Canada's growth was made possible by ambitious infrastructure projects. As a country, we must build ambitiously once again if we want to modernize our transportation systems, create affordable housing, and adapt to a changing climate.  Investment in infrastructure is crucial to the long-term development of Huron-Bruce and all communities across the country."

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