Allan Thompson opens Exeter Volunteer Centre

August 29, 2015



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Allan Thompson cuts the ribbon in Exeter

Flanked by legendary local Liberals Jack Riddell and Paul Steckle and other campaign volunteers, Huron-Bruce Liberal candidate Allan Thompson cut the ribbon on his Exeter campaign office – the third in the riding.

The Allan Thompson Volunteer Centre at 378 Main St., in Exeter is now open for business and will become a hub for campaign volunteers.

“It’s a statement to put up the flag in Exeter, to say that we’re here,” Thompson said in brief remarks at the opening. “We see a lot of growth here and when I’ve been out canvassing, people are asking for signs and saying what I hear all across the riding, that they want a change, that they’re tired of Stephen Harper’s way of governing.

“People say that they want their Canada back,’’ Thompson said.

“This culture of cynicism and secrecy is just not the Canadian way,” Thompson said. “It is simply not the Canadian way of doing business. It wasn’t in the Paul Martin or Jean Chretien era, it wasn’t either in the time of Kim Campbell or Brian Mulroney or those before them. This is a totally new breed. And I think that is why people rally around the cry ‘we want our Canada back.”

Jack Riddell, who was the Liberal MPP in Huron-Bruce from 1973-1990 and served as Minister of Agriculture, welcomed the crowd and introduced Allan.

“This is a very important election and we’ve got an excellent candidate. Excuse me Paul, but I don’t know when we’ve had a better candidate,” Riddell said, teasing former MP Paul Steckle.

“Just check his record. I mean he’s well educated, he’s had experience over in Rwanda, you name it the list goes on. He can meet anybody, he can talk to anybody, he’s just the ideal candidate.”  

In his speech, Thompson said he is now hearing voters on the doorsteps repeating his campaign slogan that he wants to offer integrity, fairness and a rural voice for Huron-Bruce.

Local lawyer Kim McLean, who worked to find the new office, joked that there were times when a Liberal office opening in Exeter would attract few more than the two folks holding up the ribbon. “So this is an excellent turnout,’’ McLean said.

The official opening of the Exeter volunteer centre is the latest development in a grassroots campaign that has been picking up momentum and recruiting scores of volunteers from across the riding as well as high-level national endorsements. On Sunday afternoon, a campaign volunteer BBQ will be held on the beach in Kincardine, at Dunsmoor Park

Thompson, 51, was born and raised on a farm near Glammis, Ontario. A journalism professor at Carleton University, he is a former political reporter on Parliament Hill for the Toronto Star. He went to school at Bruce Township Central Public in Underwood and Walkerton District Secondary School and began his journalism career as a reporter with the Kincardine Independent and Teeswater News.

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Thompson is committed to building the rural economy in Huron-Bruce and becoming a strong voice for farmers, as well as those who live in the riding’s small towns and surrounding areas. He believes that his farm upbringing combined with his deep knowledge of how Ottawa works will help him to bridge the rural-urban gap.

He is also committed to looking for ways to make settling down in the region a more viable option for young people who are drawn away to seek schooling and job opportunities.

Since winning the federal Liberal nomination last October, Thompson has been campaigning hard across the riding, attending dozens of community events and holding his own events to meet with potential voters.

He routinely sets up in local coffee shops for what he calls the 'HaveYourSayCAFE', placing a sign on the table informing people that he wants to be their next MP and inviting them to come and tell him what is on their mind. He does the same with Pub & Politics events.

“It is very important to me to let people know that I am listening, that I want to hear about their concerns,’’ Thompson said.


Since the Oct. 19 election was called on Aug. 2, Allan has been spending much of his time going door-to-door across the riding.

While reaching out to potential supporters face-to-face, Thompson also makes extensive use of social media platforms to share insights about his campaign. The main vehicle is his website, www.allanthompson.ca . He has also posted videos to a YouTube channel (www.YouTube/Allanthompson2015) and also posts daily through www.facebook.com/Allan2015 and @ElectAllanT on Twitter. 

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Saturday, August 29, 2015