Grey Bruce Labour Council weighs in on the election

September 23, 2015


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With Labour Day in the middle of a federal election campaign, the Grey-Bruce Labour Council took the pulse of people participating in Labour Day activities in Port Elgin on September 7th, 2015.

Labour Council President, Hazel Pratt-Paige, noted that “this election could be the most important election in generations and that the outcome will chart a course for Canada that better aligns with Canadian historic values of fairness and equity… or Harper’s values that have lead us to a vast increase in precarious employment, environmental and scientific degradation and undermining of pensions, healthcare and worker and union rights”.

The Labour Council asked people to identify why they would be voting in this election. People who responded via questionnaire were presented with four options; Healthcare, Jobs, Pensions and a fourth choice where they could list their own personal reasons. Almost one out of two Port Elgin Labour Day participants replied to the questionnaire. That amounted to 700 plus respondents.

Of the respondents, over three-quarters stated that Healthcare, Pensions and Jobs were all important to them and that these were the reasons they would be voting. Of the remaining respondents, close to one-half indicated that healthcare is their reason to vote while pensions and jobs evenly split the remaining responses to the questionnaires.

During the tabulation of the results Labour Council Past President, Dave Trumble, pointed to a number of responses that indicated that their concerns went beyond what was suggested and that Stephen Harper’s current government must be defeated if there is any hope of Canadian workers to returning to prosperity or for Canada to become internationally respected again.  

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Hazel Pratt-Paige stated that “it is clear that Canadians are taking this election very seriously and that regimes, such as Harper’s, bent on destroying workers lives and rights while weakening, the publicly accessible healthcare system and environmental protections, are no longer acceptable and must be voted out”.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015