Liberal announce economic security plan for middle class families

September 21, 2015
Liberal Party of Canada candidate

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 "A Trudeau-led Liberal government will invest in middle class Canadian families, and those working hard to join the middle class, by putting more money in the pockets of the families who need it most, providing high-quality, affordable child care spaces, and offering more flexibility for working parents," said Huron-Bruce Federal Liberal candidate Allan Thompson.

"After ten long years, people in Huron-Bruce know that Stephen Harper is out of touch with Canadian families, who are struggling to find affordable child care and are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet," said Thompson. "For those of us here in Huron-Bruce – and across the country – striking the balance between work and family responsibilities is a daily challenge. A Liberal government will ensure that all families have a real and fair chance to succeed."

A Liberal government will enhance the economic security of families in the following ways:

• We will create the Canada Child Benefit (CCB): one bigger, fair, tax-free, automatic monthly child benefit to put more money back in the pockets of the Canadian families who need it most.

• We will work with provinces, territories, and First Nations to create a new National Early Learning and Child Care Framework, administered as part of our investment of nearly $20 billion in social infrastructure over the next ten years. We will work collaboratively on funding agreements to create affordable, high-quality, accessible, inclusive early learning and child care spaces across the country.

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• We will offer greater flexibility for parents who are providing care for their children, by making parental leave more flexible to family circumstances, amending the Canada Labour Code to allow for more flexible working arrangements, and providing a more accessible and flexible Employment Insurance Compassionate Care Benefit.

"Canadian families need help, but all Thomas Mulcair is offering is false hope. With his plan, a two-year- old who needs care now will be in grade five before the NDP delivers a single child care spot," said Thompson. "Under Justin Trudeau’s leadership, our Liberal plan will bring real, positive change to Canadian families in Huron-Bruce."

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Monday, September 21, 2015