Liberal candidate critical of NDP economic plan

September 18, 2015



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The NDP’s flawed costing shows Thomas Mulcair has broken major promises, delayed real help for the middle class, and embraced Harper’s cuts, said Huron-Bruce federal Liberal candidate Allan Thompson.

"It is becoming increasingly clear to people in Huron-Bruce – and across the country – that Thomas Mulcair will say whatever is politically useful to get ahead, and that his promises are meaningless," said Thompson. "Mulcair is backing away from multi-billion dollar promises on transit and child care that will have a direct impact here in Huron-Bruce, and his job-killing corporate tax hike will lead to nearly 150,000 job losses almost immediately, including right in our own backyard.

Thomas Mulcair and the NDP are trying to mislead Canadians into believing that help is on the way immediately, when in fact, their signature promises are back-loaded, delayed for years, and significantly underfunded, like child care and public transit. Mulcair has used Stephen Harper’s budget framework from April to cost his pledges, ignoring the Bank of Canada, the PBO, the OECD, and everyone who says the economy has deteriorated. Furthermore, there are glaring errors in his costing, like the fact that he has overestimated corporate tax revenues."

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"After a decade of Stephen Harper, people in Huron-Bruce want change,” said Thompson. "In this election, they have a clear choice between the Liberal plan for smart investments in job creation, the middle class, and those working hard to join it, or Harper’s and Mulcair’s cuts that do nothing for those who need it most, and will slow down our economy even further."

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