Pet Rescue holding annual fundraising BBQ

September 8, 2015


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There are many rescued animals who need help through care and rehabilitation due to many reasons.

Ontario is recognized as having the most ineffective and lax animal anti-cruelty laws in Canada, if not North America.  Little is done to prevent things like puppy mills and the fines are so small that they are virtually non-prohibitive.

Pet Rescue of Lucknow is one of those special care facilities that takes in some of those animals who are most desperately in need of medical care.

Sadly however, there is also a shortage of foster homes and donations. 

Pet Rescue relies solely on fundraisers and adoptions to help to cover veterinary and supply bills for the homeless pets in its care - bills that total thousands of dollars each year.  The facility now has some 75 dogs, cats and kittens in its care and the number keeps rising.

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As part of its fundraising efforts, Pet Rescue is hosting its annual BBQ on Saturday, September 12th at Sobey's in Kincardine from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Please consider that small donations from several people can help to spare lives. 

To help in any way call: 519-528-3045 or


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