Helliwell Park in Southampton gets a facelift

September 24, 2015

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New fenced parking area encompassed with trees

(L-R) Kristan Shrider (Saugeen Shores Parks & Facilities Supervisor), Mike Myatt (Councilor), Chris Edwards ( Trees for Saugeen), Jeff Virgo (S.S. United Football Club), Neil Menage (Councilor), Tracy Edwards (Trees for Saugeen), J.D. Everest (Everest Nurseries), Gerry Lambert (Trees for Saugeen) Steve Snyder (Snyder Construction) Len Perdue (S.S. Sr. Technologist)

 A popular soccer field in Southampton was given a facelift this summer thanks to a partnership between the Town of Saugeen Shores, Minor Soccer and Trees for Saugeen.

The project at Helliwell Park included tree planting around the field and the development of a new parking lot area.

 “This project creates a safer, greener space for everyone who uses the field,” says Kristan Shrider, Parks & Facilities Supervisor and Project Manager. “We really just want to give a huge thank you to all the partners who made this project possible.”

Funds were donated by Saugeen Shores Minor Soccer for the creation of the new parking area and Trees for Saugeen donated funds and volunteers to purchase and help with the tree planting around the new parking lot area and perimeter of the park.

Working with JD Everest at Everest Nurseries, a plan was developed for the tree planting and installation of a gravity-fed drip-line irrigation system to all the newly planted trees.  

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Everest Nurseries also donated the equipment for the irrigation system and the mature Linden Trees which border the park.

Keith Synder’s Construction was contracted to build the parking area, providing safer access to the park for both vehicles and pedestrians.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015