G. C. Huston Public School
Annual Terry Fox Run
by Sandy Lindsay

September 26, 2015


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Emily Gostick (L) and teacher Enid Johnson lead the 'zumba' warm-up

All grades had to participate

G. C. Huston Public School in Southampton (Saugeen Shores) held its annual Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research on Friday, September 25th (2015).

The entire school participates and, this year, the event got everyone 'in the mood' with a 'zumba' warm-up before the run.

Principal Dan Russell says everybody has to participate

Teacher Enid Johnson (R) introduced 'zumba' instructor Emily Gostick ...

"I'm outta here!" said Onyx ... teacher Enid Johnson's dog and the school pet mascot, as his 'master' got into zumba moves

Teacher Mrs. Stoner was groovin n' movin'  to the song Footloose

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Onyx just wanted a shady spot

... and they're off! ...

Onyx and Enid Johnson brought up the rear

Due to the recent teachers' 'work to rule' imposed by the teacher's union in Ontario, instead of running throughout the community, this year's event stayed within school and grounds proximity.

Pledges were still coming in at the time of race and, therefore, a final tally has yet to be determined.

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Saturday, September 26, 2015