A passion that recycles
by Sandy Lindsay

October 4, 2015

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Hand-crafted, recycled airplanes with propellers that whirl in the slightest breeze

... and the man who creates them

It all began when Matthew Black attended an air show and saw airplanes made of cans of all kinds.

"I was fascinated and began to ask the older many selling them about how they were made," said Black. "He offered to show me how they were made and the rest, as they say, is history."

Today, Black recycles all types of cans from pop to beer, and turns them into planes that resemble the old-fashioned 'bi-planes' complete with propellers and wheels made of bottle caps.

It takes three to four hours to create each plane from beginning to end.

A more complex model

Black, who lives in Ripley (ON) recently strung many of his planes during the summer Ripley homecoming and Fall Fair, from the trees in his front yard, where passersby were fascinated.

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"It's time consuming," says Black, "but it's also very relaxing.  I sell them at local events and many people have very specific requests.  For instance, someone they know may collect memorabilia such as 'Pepsi' or a specific beer, and they want a plane made from those cans."

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