A look at each Federal party

by Sandy Lindsay

October 13, 2015



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There are only six days remaining until Election Day (October 19th).

If Advance Voting is any indication, this election may return to voting numbers of 'yesteryear' when people actually got out and voted.

Voting stations across Canada reported a substantial increase in advance voting, including locally.

In Saugeen Shores for instance, by 2:00 p.m. on Monday, October 12th, almost 2,000 voters had turned out to cast their ballots, triple what it was in the last election four years ago.

Before casting a ballot, we thought it would be interesting and, perhaps helpful, to take a look at each party's platforms and stands on different issues.  It is also a way to become a better-informed voter.

To look at the information, Click Here and then click on the button "Get Informed" and go from there.  Click on each party and then at the top you will see a row of icons that explains the party stand on those issues.

Click the orange arrow to read the second column

It's clear and concise and non-partisan ... simply a way to better understand each party's positions.

Whatever party voters choose, the important thing is to vote ... people in other countries would, and are, dying to have this right.

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