Advance Voting stations see line-ups
by Sandy Lindsay

October 10, 2015


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According to all reports, advance voting stations are experiencing high voter turn-out, including those in more rural communities.

On day one, Friday, October 9th, in Saugeen Shores, the Port Elgin Masonic Hall, saw a line-up that extended to the outside.

According to volunteers, more than 700 voters turned out for the first day, more than the entire advance voting in the last election.  "During the last election, in the entire advance voting, there were only 654 in Saugeen Shores."  On Saturday, only part way through day two, more than 500 voters had filled out their ballots.

Volunteers also said they are seeing a wide variety of ages, including many younger voters, some of whom are voting for the first time.

Advance voting continues throughout the weekend in stations throughout the region (See 'Federal Page' for locations) but from all appearances, only two days into Advance Voting and one week to go before Election day, it appears that the Election has people concerned and they want to make their decision count.

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