Shaping up to be a close race in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
by Sandy Lindsay

October 13, 2015



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It appears that the election is shaping up to be a close race in the riding of Bruce-Grey- Owen Sound according to a media release from a grassroots group of citizens that recently crowd-funded to raise money for a poll to be conducted.

An early first poll in mid-September by 'Lead Now', that runs www.VoteTogether.ca, had Conservative incumbent Larry Miller in the lead with 43 per cent of support followed by Liberal Kimberley Love at a distant 29 per cent.

A second poll by 'Environics' from October 9th to 11th shows the gap has apparently narrowed considerably with only one percentage point separating the two candidates, with Miller at 41 per cent and Love with 40 per cent.

The NDP's David McLaren has dropped from 20 per cent to 16 per cent with Chris Albinati of the Green Party in fourth place dropping to 4 per cent from 9 per cent.

The citizens' group that hopes to avoid significant splitting of the vote, is endorsing Liberal candidate Kimberley Love and maintains that,  "... voting together means more seats for Liberals, NDP and Greens in Parliament.  The Conservative Party does not support any form of proportional representation while the other three parties all support this kind of electoral reform."

The group also maintains that voting strategically does "... not mean that people have to give up their political beliefs but that, because VoteTogether.ca movement is nationwide, there are Canadians in other ridings voting together for your first choice party to defeat the Conservatives."

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According to the group's platform, it is based on three pillars , "Letís vote together to ... strengthen democracy, build a fair economy, and ensure a clean environment for all generations."

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