Chamber to launch new summer trolley excursion

October 26, 2015



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The Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that it will launch a new trolley service next summer.

Starting in June, a trolley will bring tourists from the beaches to both downtown cores in Port Elgin and Southampton.

The Chamber’s goal is to provide Saugeen Shores’ visitors and locals a fun and entertaining way to experience the play of our beaches, vistas of our shoreline and the culture and heritage of our two dynamic downtowns.

The trolley will run a loop from downtown Southampton to the Southampton Beach, along Miramichi Bay, to the Port Elgin Beach and to downtown Port Elgin. It will then return on the same route.

The Chamber of Commerce’s Trolley should be seen as a tourist experience that is fun and adventurous, much like the Port Elgin Steam Train.

The Trolley will allow beachgoers to shop and dine from Downtown Southampton to Downtown Port Elgin, as well as provide a venue to promote Saugeen Shores’ events to visitors and locals alike.

The Chamber will cover operating expenses with a small fare, and by creating funding partnerships with local business organizations and tourism stakeholders. The Chamber will also approach the Town of Saugeen Shores to provide some funding, as well as in-kind staff time to assist with maintenance and cleaning.

Over the next few weeks, the Chamber will approach potential partners for their formal agreement to be part of this exciting new tourism venture.

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Jeff Carver

According to Saugeen Shores Chamber President Jeff Carver,  “This will be a great initiative for the Town and business groups to work together to help bring this service that will help strengthen the vitality of our dynamic downtowns and our tourism industry.”

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Monday, October 26, 2015