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Written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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Three people I respect recently pointed out to me how bad Gmail is.  I knew it already because I use it and need to dump it.

Based upon my own experience, I agree with what my friends said.  Compared to Hotmail and Outlook Express,Gmail does not impress.  It's lousy.

One computer industry executive noted that the sign of good technology is easy to state:

After not using it for a while, can a normal person naturally pick up and do useful work with it or do they have to constantly re-learn it?

Google produces some really great technology and are very successful, but some of their stuff is just plain garbage.  Two examples are Gmail and Google Docs.  If you want to do real work, stay clear of them.  You can limp through Gmail like I have, but Google Docs will murder you.

Why is this so?  Google is not a monolithic company with a standard set of criteria and quality control for their products.  They are not the same people who do Google search or Android for that matter.

Whoever is the project manager of Gmail and Google Docs are just not good.  The products are murky, sluggish and hard to use day to day.  In the case of Google Docs, NEVER invest important data in them.

I totally gave up on Google Docs and embraced Microsoft Office which I always have used.  I talked to another large corporate user and creator of technology.  He agreed!  Office clones are full of bugs and Gmail is just not right.

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Friday, October 30, 2015