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"Lou-Lou" is back with her owner.

The black-and-white female chihuahua-cross dog was found wandering in the area of Andrew Malcolm, near the Davidson Centre in Kincardine, last week and had no collar or dog tag to identify the owner.

The bylaw enforcement officer, Sharon Niemeier, was called and the search was on for the owner of the little dog.

Niemeier said social media helped get "Lou-Lou" back to her owner.

"The girl who found the dog, posted the information on Facebook," said Niemeier. "The owner saw it and contacted her. The owner then called me and confirmed that it was her dog. Then her mother, who happened to be on her way to her daughter's house, met me in Glammis and claimed Lou-Lou."

Niemeier said that usually when a dog is picked up without a tag, the owner is required to purchase one before getting the dog back, but in this case, the owner did have a valid tag but didn't have it or a collar on the dog.

"I constantly tell people that a tag does no good if it's not attached to your dog," said Niemeier. "If Lou-Lou had been wearing her tag, the girl who found her could have called me to look up the tag number, and the little dog could have been reunited with her owner immediately without having to pay the reclaim fee of $74."

She noted that dog tags are also available at the Kincardine municipal office. These are life-long tags so they don't need to be replaced every year, and the municipality will send out a bill each January to cover the coming year's licence cost.

"I would encourage people who are missing a dog, to contact me right away at 519-396-2287, so that I am aware of the dog if someone else calls to say they have found one," said Niemeier.

"I would also like to remind pet owners to have an up-to-date Municipality of Kincardine tag on their dogs which makes it a whole lot easier to get your pet back, and saves you money too."


Kincardine bylaw enforcement officer Sharon Niemeier holds "Lou-Lou" who was reunited with her owner after wandering away from her home in Kincardine last week

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Friday, December 28, 2012