Evidence-based decision should be made 'sooner than later'
by Sandy Lindsay

November 5, 2015


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Wednesday, October 4th (2015) was an historic day for Canada.  It was a day filled with new beginnings for many in Ottawa, including the country's newest Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau's Cabinet Ministers are a montage of what Canada is.  With diverse backgrounds, gender parity, politically experienced and inexperienced, it is a group that will demonstrate to the world what an accepting and respectful country Canada is.

What does the new government mean to Canada?  Undoubtedly, there will be many changes, many new possibilities for a country that is starting out on a new foot into the future.

In Huron, Bruce and Grey Counties, we can only hope that the ties with the Federal Government don't become more distant given the surrounding seas of Liberal(ism) that surround us.

The Counties are now a region of (C)conservatism in the midst of Liberal governments, both Provincial and now Federal.  One of the critical ties that binds everyone together everywhere however, is ... electricity and, in Ontario, nuclear power is the pivotal key player when it comes to that clean source of electric power.

According to Mr. Trudeau, "Canada is going to be a strong and positive actor on the world stage ... including in Paris (Climate Summit)." By combining Environment and Climate Change portfolios, and splitting science into two portfolios - Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and the Ministry of Science, there is every indication that there may be serious changes afoot when it comes to Canada's global reputation surrounding, science,  emissions and the environment.

Although the newly appointed Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, may be new to the upper tier of Government, there is no doubt that any plan using the term 'Climate Change' will be better than the one that existed under the former government.

For the region of Huron-Bruce, for Ontario and for Canada and the world, there is another "evidence-based" decision to be made. That is, whether, or not, to accept the Joint Review Panel's (JRP) recommendation to move forward with a deep geologic repository (DGR) "... sooner rather than later ..." based on safety and science.

The JRP made up of three of the most qualified people in the world in their fields, Dr. Stella Swanson, Dr. James Archibald and Dr. Gunter Muecke, waded through months of submissions and detailed science, to arrive at their unanimous conclusion ... Click Here

For the full report  Read Here

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In the days leading up to the election, the new government said several times that policies were going to be  "...evidence-based ...".

On day one, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development announced that the long-census form is returning as statistics from across the county are needed and it is an "evidence-based policy" to re-instate the long-census form.

Therefore, when the new government looks at the issue of a deep geologic repository for nuclear waste, it must make an "evidence based" decision and, as the JRP said ... "it should be sooner than later".

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Thursday, November 05, 2015