A unique fundraiser
by Sandy Lindsay

November 21, 2015

Service Clubs

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Interact Club
'students who want to make a difference'

Ann Marriott was in charge of the BBQ

It was a perfect Fall day for a very unique fundraiser by the Interact group of students, a junior arm of Rotary, who were raising funds for local projects.

The students and Rotarians gathered at the farm of Mike and Ann Marriott in Saugeen Township to determine where the Marriott's mother cow, Charlotte, would ... you guessed it ... poop!

Dr. Mike Marriott holds the 'official' grid list of ticket holders

The clean pasture was carefully marked off in a grid and 996 tickets at $2 each were sold according to specific spots on that grid.  Sounds easy but ... the 'raffle' had to be sanctioned by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG).  It was all very official.  The grid, the timing of the 'occurrence', the location of the 'occurrence' ... all had to be legal and, with many witnesses, there was little doubt as to the accuracy.

Exchange student Jorge Obrador (L) from Mexico and Interact(or) Danielle Gomes

The prize was an iPad Air generously donated by Bruce Power ... so the event, of course, was called the "iPood" fundraiser.

Nothing like an outdoor BBQ

"Yes, I know I'm cute!"


Dr. Marriott offers a tasty treat to pet sheep 

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"C'mon Charlotte" ... Dr. Marriott tries to persuade the key to the raffle to come in to the nice clean paddock

Mom finally does her 'official' duty as baby Blossom comes over to inspect

The Evidence to determine the Winner

Dr. Marriott carefully installs the 'official' stake in the exact middle of the 'occurrence' so that the measuring can take place to determine the winner

The Winner of the iPad Air was Charlanne Milroy!

More importantly, the Interact Club raised a net profit of  $1,600 for local projects.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015