K9 Grooming goes to National competition
by Sandy Lindsay

November 13, 2015


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Kirsten McMillan, while working toward a degree in psychology, worked part-time at a pet store.  It was there that she was offered the opportunity to take a dog grooming course ... and the rest as they say ... is history.

McMillan found her niche and her passion.

'I found that I was immediately drawn to four-legged clients and how to make them feel better," says McMillan.

After graduating her studies at Laurentian University, she worked grooming dogs in a salon until she made the decision to return home to Southampton.

After discussing the situation with her mother Patti Campbell, she decided to make the move permanent and open her own grooming service ... Cutting Edge K9.
Buddy is very patient

Stem to stern ... I look great!

"It's been wonderful," says McMillan, "I love what I do and I find working with four-legged friends is so satisfying.  Funny enough, having a degree in psychology also helps in working with pets because each has a different personality."

McMillan works with many breeds but also uses a special Italian product line that is imported into Quebec.  "This line is incredible for coat and skin care," says McMillan.  "Black coats seemed to become blacker and richer and whites, whiter.

Welcome Luna !!
    Do I look happy to you?!

Glad that's over! I don't mind blow drying BUT ... are we almost done?!

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Recently, on November 8th and 9th, McMillan attended the 'Groom Team Canada' competitive groomers event in the 'Novice Open' category for the first time, held in Niagara Falls.  The competition featured groomers from across Ontario

McMillan had the opportunity to enter the competition with a neighbour's pet, Hogarth, a handsome chocolate brown standard poodle who has an easy-going temperament.

Hogarth you're a handsome fellow!

After grooming Hogarth, McMillan placed 4th out of nine competitors.  "As a first competitor, I received great feedback from the judges and had the opportunity to sit in on a lot of seminars with world renowned groomers."

"I also have a number of cats," says McMillan.  "They often like to be groomed especially if they are a long-haired type. Mattings can be an uncomfortable thing for felines and the like to get those matted fur balls off."

I LIVE HERE! ... Sheeba

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