Climate Change Conference Opens 


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 Mike Sterling

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World leaders streamed into Paris on Sunday, November 29th, 2015 for talks on climate change.  The conference will unfold amidst another man made aberration, Global Terrorism.

For once these talks have taken on a serious tone after years of lack of action.

Why is this so?  It seems that the big players are for once convinced that something must be done. 

Masks Common in China

China is the key to all this as their growing economy produces industrial waste in alarming quantities.  China is literally choking on its own success.

There is a chance to do something now and it may be possible not because of the looming 2 degree Celcius possible rise in temperature in the future, but due to increasing worry about the image of a giant new global power producing smog that limits workers health.

Industrialists might not be too concerned about polar ice cap melting after they are long dead, but they like their immediate profits and they are endangered by that old friend toxic smog.  Workers can't work, nor can buyers buy, if they are more interested in masks than consumer goods.

Years ago I wrote an article called Fragile Earth

My goal was to see what the real data looked like and see what I could make of it.  This amounted to diving into servers at the University of East Anglia and extracting 150 years of information with the 3000 stations reporting at the time I did it.  By getting the data, I learned that all the baloney about it being fiddled with was political and not factual.  I did it before all the denial nonsense occurred.

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I got the expected results long known as the Al Gore Curve, but much more.

Going further, I created 100 planet earths and simulated what would happen over 1000 years.  The beautiful picture in the Fragile Earth article appeared. 

Now let's be candid.  I did not introduce factors that allow the earth to help heal itself like growing more plant life. 

I could do this, but others are working hard on that and they have science, experience and the brains to do it.

I did learn, however, that the earth is only able to absorb in a meaningful time about half the carbon dioxide produced now by coal fired plants.  This was worked out by me and a friend at Cambridge in England.

The picture is startlingly beautiful and shows that anything can happen ... even nothing!  The graph shows that once the self-healing of the earth is compromised strange things happen including unexpected cold.

Let conference members work hard and work safely in Paris.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015