Local school hosts History and Heritage Day
by Sandy Lindsay

November 30, 2015


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Students created bead and feather head clips or key chains

Patricia Johnston taught Wampum-bracelet beading

Lorne Pawis of Parry Sound demonstrated traditional First Nation drumming

St. Joseph's Catholic School in Port Elgin, Saugeen Shores hosted a History and Heritage Day on Thursday (Nov. 26) to teach students about the traditions of First Nation and Métis cultures.

Throughout the day, students attended a wide variety of classes that included oral story-telling, drumming, learning how to bead and make a medicine pouch, filleting fish, finger weaving and the history of the Pow Wow.

Sonia Stevens demonstrated working with beads and feathers

Kaylyn Kewageshig explained the history of the Pow Wow ...

... and how the shawl is used in First Nation dance

(L) Sharon Isaac and Kelsey Diamond explained plants used in a medicine pouch

Sharon Isaac had each student smell the plants that are often used in a medicine pouch such as sweetgrass, sage and cedar and explained the tradition behind their use.  Each student then learned how to make a medicine pouch filled with the fragrant plants.

Claire Adruskiak teaches Métis finger-weaving

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Teacher Richard Kennedy explained how to fillet a fish and how indigenous people used each part of the fish

Denise Hilts helps Olivia Clark with her beaded bracelet

Oral storytelling with the use of hand-puppets was a traditional way of handing down history

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