Local 'Superfan' is turning 80!
by Sandy Lindsay

December 13, 2015

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Unable to drive, she has walked hundreds of kilometers/miles over the decades to attend almost every game in arenas and parks in the Saugeen Shores area. Whether it's senior or minor sports teams playing, whether it's a tournament or regular play, Vi Cottrill is invariably there.

Anyone who has lived in the community for any length of time, may know Vi when they see her at the various events but, for most of the players, whether it's hockey or baseball, she's their 'superfan'.

She has watched fathers, sometimes grandfathers, today's new dad's and now their kids coming up through the ranks of the teams.  She remembers more statistics and player numbers than most people will ever forget.

When Vi went through a difficult time with some medical issues, the community pitched in to help.

For many years, she has dropped the ceremonial puck at the Opening Game of the WOAA Sr. Men's Winterhawks hockey games and was even given her own special chair to sit on to watch games at the local Port Elgin Plex (arena). 

Vi Cottrill in her 'Hawks sweater with Mayor Mike Smith (R)

At almost every home game, Vi is in her regular seat in her Winterhawks hat and/or sweater that she wears proudly.

At the local bowling alley, Vi not only knows the bowlers but also their scores and how they are doing ... she doesn't bowl herself but is always prepared to give advice.

At Kingsway Arms of Elgin Lodge retirement facility in Port Elgin, Vi often attends the many events where she 'volunteers'.

Vi (L) with 'someone incognito' at Kingsway Arms on Hallowe'en

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On December 19th, the 'superfan' is turning 80!

To celebrate her birthday, there will be a come-and-go tea at the Port Elgin United Church from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. on December 19th, where visitors can have their photo taken with Vi, who will undoubtedly be sporting one of her special sweaters.

She has supported the community for decades and it is hoped that the community will now support Vi on her very special day (Dec.19/15).

Vi walks for Cancer Research

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