Bluewater School Board 2015 highlights

December 16, 2015


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At the Regular Meeting of the Board on December 15, 2015, Director of Education Steve Blake introduced his annual report highlighting some of the key goals, initiatives and success stories of the past year in Bluewater District School Board.

The Director’s Annual Report 2015, which is now available on the board website, focuses primarily on the recently revised Bluewater District School Board Multi-Year Strategic Plan and the ongoing progress and planned next steps in each of the four strategic priority areas.

 The revised Multi-Year Strategic Plan reflects feedback received in a public survey conducted during March and April 2015. The survey asked participants to respond to a series of questions designed to help determine the current relevancy of Bluewater District School Board’s vision, mission and priorities in meeting the needs of the local education system. More than 500 responses were received on the board’s website from stakeholder groups, including parents/guardians, students, staff and community members.

“I am pleased to share my annual report, which not only celebrates the hard work and accomplishments of our students, staff and trustees over the past year, but also provides an exciting look ahead through the introduction of our revised Multi-Year Strategic Plan,” says Director of Education Steve Blake.


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View the Director’s Annual Report 2015 at this link: www.bwdsb.on.ca/director/DAR_2015-FINAL.pdf

View the revised Multi-Year Strategic Plan, including a new downloadable brochure and poster, by visiting: www.bwdsb.on.ca/about_us/Strategic_Plan .

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