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Mosquito Fighter Bomber

The famous WWII fighter Bomber, the Mosquito, has tight connections to our area. 

The Mosquito was one of the fastest and highest flying of all aircraft serving in the war.  When all of industry was going to aluminum and steel, the Mosquito used laminated wood and some of the parts for it were produced in Southampton at that time a famous wood working and furniture area. 

How it came to be against the tide of design, is another story.  We should have a plaque commemorating Southampton's role in producing this unique aircraft.

Time is wasting away.  There are a few who remember and some who's fathers and relatives worked in the furniture industry locally, who remember it and have some pictures.  It would be a good job for a volunteer group to take on for Saugeen Shores working with the Heritage Society.

I believe that former Mayor Art Eby's father worked at the factory.  When a Mosquito did a flyover of Southampton and Port Elgin, the children were let out of school to see it.  Bob Trelford was one of them.

Bruce County and the Atomic Bomb Secrets

The strange story of world famous scientist Neils Bohr was tied to the Mosquito too.

The allies were very worried about Nazi Germany obtaining the atomic bomb.  Much effort was directed at destroying the heavy water plant in Norway.  It was repeatedly sabotaged for fear of the bomb.  A fine movie was made of that story staring Kirk Douglas

The allies feared that Bohr's brain would be enough to allow the Nazi cause to obtain the bomb.  He went from his native Denmark to neutral Sweden to be transported out of Nazi hands.  From there he was loaded into the bomb-bay of an unarmed high flying Mosquito.

The two man crew was to fly him to England non-stop.  Because of the altitude at which they would fly, he was required to use oxygen, but there was a malfunction causing the pilot to drop from over 23,000 feet to 200 feet on into England.  Could he survive?

Fearing he was dead the authorities rushed to aid him along with his son who had come earlier.  He was revived and the Nazi movement did not use his brain.  He did participate in the Manhattan Project, however.

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See the Mosquito Fly

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Thursday, December 17, 2015