Where does the time go?
by Tiffany Wilson

January 1, 2016


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Itís been one year; 365 days; 8,670 hours; 525,600 minutes.  Tic toc, tic toc. Where does the time go?

2015 has been a year of transition, change and growth. Itís also been a year of loss, healing and new beginnings. 

Ringing in 2015 was a special one for my hubby and I. We were mommy and daddy and were newly engaged. We put on our party hats and no matter how sleep deprived we were, we threw out everyoneís advice ďsleep when baby sleepsĒ out the window for one evening and were able to bring in the new year with a kiss. 


Chayce Austin, our now 15-month-old energizer bunny, is on the lose and on the prowl to explore the world in any which way possible. He climbs, he runs, he ducks, he dances, he does the downward dog, he builds, he organizes, he talks, he knows sign language, he throws tantrums, he amazes me everyday. 

How I could possibly have a toddler still boggles my mind. Watching him learn, explore, copy, try new things, smile from ear to ear because he is so proud of himself or stop what he is doing to run over and give me a hug and kiss is all so powerful. Itís actually magical. Itís healing.  

 On April 1, our earth angel was suddenly taken away from us. Our three-and-a-half-year-old Pomeranian-Chihuahua named Sky was tragically struck by a truck right in front of our home. No one prepares you for that. My heart is racing as I spare you the details. 

After a few days of allowing myself to feel lost, sad, angry, regret and grief, I gave myself a little pep talk and knew I had to try something to knock me out of the state I was in.  

Reiki was that something. 

 It was the most special and compelling two hours Iíve experienced in a very long time. I learned things about myself that I wouldnít have learned otherwise if I hadnít jumped at the opportunity that was right in front of me. I was given closure. I was given my strength back, my courage, my confidence. It helped restore my faith and my hope. My healing journey had begun. 

Through it all, I had learned that darkness has its own teachings. That you cannot rush the healing process, but in order to heal you must believe itís possible, believe the darkness will turn into a blinding sunny day. Everything will be okay. Itís actually been better than okay! 

 That said, the summer of 2015 will be one to remember. 

With Chayce almost walking, the beach was our number one go to for adventures. With rocks, sand and water being three of his favourite things, I donít think there was a day that we didnít make it to the beach. Weather permitting of course. 

Throughout the summer we also escaped to Manitoulin Island for a week in July with Gramma and Grandpa (the vacation is a column by itself).

We also made sure we ventured out to Keady Market every Tuesday. The last Tuesday market we attended was in August and was when we purchased our now 6-month-old Jack Russel / Black Lab puppy named Jax.

The bond Chayce and Jax already share evolves day -by-day. Itís incredible to be able to watch their connection grow.

Chayce also picked out his very first fish that he named Blue.


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Earlier in the year, we were invited  to our good friends Nick and Palomaís wedding, Chayce was invited to a few birthday parties and I started selling doTERRA essential oils.

We also ventured to Lionís Head for a night, attended all the long weekend festivities held in Saugeen Shores, participated in the Saugeen First Nation annual Pow Wow, invited family and friends over for tasty barbecues, celebrated Chayceís 1st birthday, went trick-or-treating for the first time and so much more. 

Thank you 2015 for your ups and downs, your adventures, your lessons, your peace, your vulnerability. 

 Itís now 2016, a new year. This means new hope, new beginnings, new opportunities, new friendships, new milestones reached, new goals, new plans and new dreams. 

To start the new year off right, I would like to thank my family and friends who have helped me grow and who have shown their support through the good and the bad, I am grateful for every single one of you. I would also like to thank Sandy Lindsay for giving me the opportunity to continue to do what I love to do - report, write and tell stories with my photos. Thank you all!

From my family to yours, let 2016 be your year my friends! The world is yours - take it, embrace it, learn from it and cherish it.

Jamie, Chayce and Tiffany

Happy 2016!


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