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As is well understood, search engines are the most important tools on the Internet.  They are in a way a window to artificial intelligence.

In the beginning a search user had to enter very specific things, use Boolean search criteria and date stamps to find what they wanted.  But now, engines like Google and Bing, let you enter phrases that are common in ordinary human to human discourse.

YouTube is not old, having been activated on February 14, 2005  What a difference it has made.

Just a few months later in October 2009, YouTube was purchased for 1.65 Billion in stock by Google.

Google had a decent upload and share facility prior to YouTube, but they shut it down and told all users they would have to transfer their information and videos to YouTube.

So YouTube now joins the search engines as power tools.  Embedded in YouTube is the powerful Google engine, so artificial intelligence is there too.

As the Sopranos would say "Forget bout it!", YouTube is more useful than Facebook and for sure Twitter.

When it began it was a way of sharing videos.  Now it is a way of learning, enjoyment and research.

If you want to repair something, YouTube is your helper of choice.

YouTube is a powerful way for large and sometimes small companies to make money.

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Many YouTube videos are preceded by short and sometimes not too short commercials.  You can cancel them in a few seconds.

Of course YouTube tracks what you are interested in via your search inquires.  This leads to targeted ads along the margin and obscuring the video for a period of time.  So much for privacy in the Digital age.

I love YouTube.  I use it for music, research, old movies and radio.

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