'Bag and Bin' initiative
by Sandy Lindsay

January 19, 2016


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There is a problem in the parks, trails and playgrounds found in and around Saugeen Shores.

The problem?  'Doggie doo'!

While it's commendable for those dog owners who pick up after their beloved four-legged friends, there are others of course who don't.  Those 'other' owners are, quite frankly, ... simply rude and disrespectful of others.

Now, however, there is a new 'breed' of owner - one who picks up after their furry companion but then ... tosses the bag.  Not in a garbage can or receptacle but simply tossing it aside wherever he/she is.

The result is that dog waste bags are now littering our beautiful parks and trails.  In addition, they have been found near playground equipment in Nodwell Park, Eastwood Park and Port Elgin Main Beach, all where little ones play. YUK!

   Eastwood Park

In many places throughout the community, there are year-round garbage bins in many locations that include:

  • Saugeen Shores Off Leash Dog Park

  • Rail Trail at River Street

  • 10th Concession Washroom (Biener and Woodland Trail)

  • Washroom behind Coulter Parkette  (Bruce Telecom Bldg.)

  • North Shore Park at the Harbour trail entrance

  • Jubilee Park

  • Denny's Dam

If there isn't one near you and your 'pooch', take your refuse home ...dispose of it in your own household waste.

If you saw a dog owner do this on your front lawn, what would you do or think?

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Yes, we live in a northern climate where the ground is covered with snow for several months BUT... that snow eventually melts and the last thing that should be revealed are 'dog waste' bags littering the spring landscape.

So, what is the solution? 

Saugeen Shores is launching a campaign to direct efforts toward education and to ask for the public's help to 'make a clean sweep' when it comes to parks, trails and playgrounds.

Everyone has to do his or her part.  In the past, it has been about "poop and scoop" ... now, it's the other side of the equation "Bag and Bin" being initiated by the Town of Saugeen Shores, with the operative on "Bin"!



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Tuesday, January 19, 2016