P.A.R.C. 55+ News
by Tim Hotchkiss

January 26, 2016


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 Monday afternoon games  time was well attended with enthusiastic participation. 

The cribbage players were well engaged in their monumental counting.  The big winner was no new comer to the winnerís circle:  Hedy Przybylski  got the enviable low of 17. The charming and brilliant Gwen Evans, usually with the big time low, got the high of 102.       

 Some welcome news for enthusiastic beginner bridge players ... we have two lessons going on at the same time taught by separate talented teachers.   

One group of four absolute beginners is facilitated by the brilliant Carol Walberg. The other group of about 14 players is for those wanting to improve their skill at duplicate bridge.  This  is taught by the incomparable Wilson duo, Leslie and Allan.  Thanks for volunteering.

 Besides all these folks, there were eight playing regular contract bridge at two tables.  The big scorers were Audrey Carter with the pleasing high of 3660 and just behind was Joe Keeley  with 3480.  Congratulations folks on some very skilled playing.      

Parc 55+ also offers walking around the inside of the Plex at 9:00 a.m. Mon., Wed., and Fri. 

A monthly luncheon in the Rotary Hall for members and guests is held on the first Wednesday of the month.    We hope to see a lot of our membership there for lunch and fellowship. There is always a guest speaker and this month it is Kathryn Martinko speaking about the refugee fund. 

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016