Southampton Town hall to get new tenants
by Sandy Lindsay

January 26, 2016

Town Council

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Southampton Town Hall is about to get new tenants.

The Bruce County Playhouse and the Performing Arts of Saugeen Shores (PASS) companies have been performing in several venues and now want to have a more permanent home where they can stage their productions.

As a report recently submitted to council said ... "the continuity of a home theatre eliminates the need to remove stage equipment after every performance, which consumes valuable volunteer time and can make it difficult for marketing of productions when the shows are held in multiple locations."

The groups anticipate a busy 2016 season beginning in March and running through to August 31st

According to volunteers from the groups, other tenants of the Hall were approached and are positive with the idea of a semi-permanent group operating in the auditorium and increase usage of the building.  They have also come to an agreement with the local Optimist Club that uses the Hall every Thursday for its long-standing Bingo.

To maintain performance professionalism, the groups say that the Hall requires some infrastructure that includes lighting, a sound system, and blackout curtains for the windows at an expected cost of $16,000 which will bea cquired through fundraising.  They also insist  that the enhancements will not deter from the historical architectural significance of the building.

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Vice Deputy Mayor, Diane Huber, who sits on the Municipal Heritage Committee (MHC), expressed adamantly that any and all changes would need the agreement of the MHC.  "We are very protective of this building and do not want to see any signage attached to the building or any other modifications without the Committee being part of them."

"I am very pleased to see this come forward," said Councilor Cheryl Grace. "This will enhance the area as a cultural hub for the community."

As in the 2016 Fees and Charges By-law, costs would be $126.30 plus tax for each of three rehearsal dates, $126.30 for each un-licensed performance and $142.26 for each licensed performance.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016