Bringing back the past
by Sandy Lindsay

February 1, 2016

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Jerrold Beech, dressed in his pioneer Hudson Bay style coat and fur trader hat, has revived an age-old skill of carving from bone.

From bone handle knives and hammers to gun powder horn, Beech has turned what began as a hobby into a passion.

Today, he attends various pioneer themed events, such as the Wiarton Willie Festival where he is currently displaying his wares, to the Old Tyme Maple Syrup festival held each year at Saugeen Bluffs outside of Paisley,Ontario.

A treasure trove of bone

Beech works with bones from animals ranging from deer to coyote which many people bring to him.

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Bone  knives

Beech is also an author, writing under the pseudonym of 'Lonefeather'.  Living just outside of Paisley (ON), his columns in the local Paisley Advocate, 'Tales from Lonefeather' are homespun and down to earth.

Beech has also written three books and his most recent, "Oh Com'on Take It Like a Man", is his third publication based on real-life experiences and characters.

Beech, who was told 10 years ago that he has Parkinson's disease, donates all proceeds from his three books to the Parkinson's Society.

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