G. C. Huston holds annual 'winter olympic' games
by Sandy Lindsay

February 18, 2016


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A perfect day for outdoor fun

Outdoor classroom is well used throughout the year

Snow soccer is lots of fun

It was 'winter olympic' game time at G. C. Huston Public School on Thursday, February 18th.

Mother Nature cooperated with a perfect winter's day of sunshine, temperatures not too cold and lots of snow.

"We were going to hold the event on Friday," said Principal Dan Russell, "but it is supposed to rain and today was just too perfect not to take advantage of it."

Principal Dan Russell

The afternoon was filled with outdoor activities such as snow soccer, fun hockey and, of course, sledding as all students had their turn at each organized activity.

'Crab walking' race

Snowshoe racing on 'pie plates' harder than it looks

Building a snow 'inukshuk'

Outside the outdoor classroom the fire-pit kept local Rotarians and students warm as they ate the venison stew prepared by Principal Russell.

Sheila Henkle dished out the stew

 For those with a sweet tooth, there was maple syrup poured over fresh snow and chocolate chip cookies heated in a pan over a fire.

Teacher Colin Alexander tastes the 'maple syrup snow'

Sitting around the fire with warm bowls of stew

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Indoor curling gave everyone a fun way to warm up

Principal Russell was dressed for the weather

Rotarians (L) Peter Day, Pat O'Connor, John Conlin and Bruce Waechter

It was a fun-filled day and one that the students and staff look forward to each year.

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