Small but mighty school teaches life skills
by Sandy Lindsay

February 21, 2016


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Principal Dan Russell (L) and teacher Enid Johnston (R) explain the rules of the 'Party Bus'

Boarding the bus

On the bus, 'boombox' blares loud music ... it's all about fun!

The bus arrives!!

Orderly and organized

G. C. Huston is a little school that proves ... small can be mighty.

Located in Southampton (Saugeen Shores), this elementary school with its dedicated and committed Principal, teachers and parents, has brought learning to new heights.  It isn't just about learning in the classroom and out of books, it is learning about life and helping others through participation.

Each year, Rotary Clubs in Bruce County hold their annual Winterama fundraiser for youth projects.  The week long event features a wide variety of outdoor activities where students raise funds through pledges, 70 per cent of which are returned to their schools with 30 per cent going to breakfast programs.  The portion of funds raised that go directly to Rotary clubs are then turned back into youth programs.

G. C. Huston held its annual 'Winter Olympic' day of fun events (Click Here) and, through pledges raised an incredible amount .... over $4,000.

The school participated in the wind-up day of the Rotary Winterama on Saturday, February 20th, by taking the 'Party Bus' to the Plex in Port Elgin for a day of skating.

The Party Bus was the brainchild of Principal Dan Russell.  Some 65 students boarded the bus and with loud music blaring, noisemakers and balloons, freedom reigned as students, teachers and Principal sang and 'grooved' their way to the Plex.

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This is camaraderie at its best.  It is also about social learning. 

Before the day begins, Principal Russell and teacher, Enid Johnston, met with students and explained that they are representing their school in the public and that they should act accordingly.  Does it work?  Absolutely.  The students were polite, well-behaved and the older students looked after the younger students.

This is what education should look like.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016