Residents concerned zoning by-laws being changed without due diligence
by Sandy Lindsay

February 27, 2016


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The town of Saugeen Shores has been revamping its zoning By-laws that make up almost 200 pages pertaining to buildings, land, industry uses and home occupations permitted.

At the last Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)  meeting held on February 11th, several concerns were raised around the subject of the category of 'Home Industry' and what can be considered as a home-based industry.

Among the occupations that will be allowed are: insurance and sales agents, accountants, telephone sales, computer graphics, seamstress/tailor, artists, music teacher, crafts, hobbies, small goods repair, tradesmen, hairdresser/barber, caterer/baker. In addition, the arrival and/or departures will be restricted to five persons at one time and the home must be a primary dwelling unit.

Home occupation shall not however, "involve the retail sale or commercial delivery of any goods or merchandise on or to the premise".

In addition, there was concern expressed by residents at the meeting over the consideration being given to a franchised commercial pest control business, Truly Nolen, using primarily chemical controls, being allowed to re-locate from a 'commercial zoned' area to one zoned 'Agricultural". 

The American-based franchise company

According to residents Wanda Dzierzanowski and  Jean Robertson, who have registered their objections to the decision going forward, the business is in breach of existing zoning by-laws for the new location as they have not been required to make any "... modification to their business in compliance with the existing by-laws."

Other questions were also raised around the issues of parking, the impact on surrounding residential landowners and how the Town will monitor the use of the residential or agricultural character of the dwelling or lot that will be used for the newly relocating business.

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According to Robertson, the business is "totally different from all others suggested and should not be included, as that type of commercial business should be located in a commercial area of town".

"I hope that Council will look at the overall basis for revising by-laws to support the residents of Saugeen Shores as a whole," says Dzierzanowski, "instead of leaning towards supporting the best interests of an individual or individuals."

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