OPG brings update to Saugeen Shores
by Sandy Lindsay

February 11, 2016

Town Council

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Saugeen Shores Town Council listened to an update of Ontario Power Generation's (OPG) recent and on-going performance evaluation presented at its recent meeting on Monday, February 8th, by OPG's Scott Berry, Manager of Community Relations.

Berry outlined refurbishment plans for nuclear sites located at Pickering and Darlinginton (ON) that will see nuclear power at the two sites continuing on for approximately another 30 years.

Pickering supplies some 13 per cent of Ontario's power and Darlington 20 per cent. 

"We [OPG] are moving forward with expansion and revitalization," said Berry.  "We have more than two hundred hydro-electric safety or equipment expansion projects underway and are looking at three solar projects."

Berry has also recently been bringing the OPG's proposed deep geological repository   (DGR) updates to various councils in the area, including Kincardine (Click Here) and Huron-Kinloss, with both communities expressing strong support for the project .

He told Saugeen Shores Council that OPG was awaiting word from the newly elected Federal Liberal government's Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, as to whether or not the proposed deep geological repository (DGR) to be located at the Bruce Nuclear site in Tiverton (ON) will be allowed to move forward to licensing. 

The DGR project is a result of a 15 year study, investigation and review by experts in every field of science and engineering related to what amounts to a type of mining construction initiative for the housing of low and intermediate level nuclear waste. "This is one of the most comprehensive science-based reviews ever undertaken in Canadian history," says Berry, "and the decision is now in the hands of the new Federal government."


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Berry told Council that pilot projects have also been ongoing to look at ways to reduce and recycle existing waste even further.  "We have been taking things out of the old interim storage bins, such as 22,000 pounds of metal, that we are now recycling.

The Federal government's Environmental Assessment decision on the DGR is expected March 1st and, if it is in favour of the project moving forward, it will then go back to the Joint Review Panel (JRP) to decide on licensing

Saugeen Shores Town Council agreed with its counterparts in Kincardine and Huron-Kinloss, saying that it also supports the DGR project moving forward.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016