A Comment on Geologic Repository

I was reading in the May issue of the CCPA Monitor that Ontario Power Generation is applying to have a nuclear waste containment facility at its Bruce Nuclear plant in Kincardine. They have to apply to the Ministry of Environment for their permit following a  review to see 'if' there are any environmental effects. They're calling it a 'geologic depository'. The public have until June 18 to write the ministry with their input.

This would be a potential health disaster not only for Kincardine but for anyone living within a 50 mile radius of that community if, as happens, these storage facilities ever leak nuclear radiation.

The West Kootenay where we live is 'downwind' from the Hanford Nuclear Reserve and consequently has a higher than average cancer rate, with many people dying in their '50s.

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Hanford just recently had an accident when contractors who were transporting nuclear waste from an old to a new containment facility had a spillage. We live downriver on the same Columbia River system, so there is likely also some degree of groundwater pollution. Luckily in New Denver we're far enough away that we live right in the water source itself in the tops of the Valhalla Mountain Range.

Art Joyce

Written comments are invited from concerned citizens on this project,  mailed or faxed to:

Deep Geologic Repository Project, Canadian
Environmental Assessment Agency, 160 Elgin St., Place Bell Canada, Ottawa ON K1A 0H3 Fax: 613-954-0941. The deadline for public input is
June 18.