At the Garden Gate


Knee-deep in snow? How is a gardener to manage until spring?

The Saugeen and Kincardine Times are pleased to announce that we are offering help from one of the areas most experienced gardeners, Carol Vaughan of Wild Vines.

Carol is going to be contributing her garden knowledge through her new column 'At the Garden Gate'.

She began her company officially after completing a Bruce County Small Business program. "I had thought of starting my own company," Carol explains, "and this program gave me the foundation to build a business." Always a gardener, Carol began at early age gardening with her father, and last year, 2008, was her first year in her own business.

As each satisfied customer told friends and family about the company, the demand for her services grew so quickly that she employed four others throughout the summer. From designing stone patios to undertaking a complete five-year garden plan, Wild Vines has continued to expand. "I worked with downtown merchants as well," adds Carol, "doing seasonal garden decorating.

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23/01/2009 11:52 PM

The range of garden likes and dislikes is extremely widespread. Some prefer an English cottage style, some a more formal garden and, yet others, a wild meadow type garden."

Part of determining the garden style that a client wants makes up the personal service that Wild Vines is so focused on. "I like to sit down, particularly with a new customer, and find out what it is that they want their garden to look like. Every one is different."

Even though the snow is deep and we're only part way through January, Carol is already working throughout the winter on a consulting basis. "I'm finding that many clients are beginning now to think about their gardens for spring plantings and are pouring over garden magazines and seed catalogues. That's why I'm working with many of them and helping them decide what they want to see this coming year in their gardens. Now is the time to plan it all out."

So, with Carol's expertise, the Saugeen and Kincardine Times welcome our readers to take a minute and pause ... At the Garden Gate.

Read Carol's first column.  We'll link them all together in the future

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