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On May 14th, the Government of Ontario passed the Green Energy & Green Economy Act of 2009.

The act "...supports the development of renewable energy sources an energy conservation measures to allow for coal energy generation to end in 2014.

The new Act also superedes existing environmental assessment and municipal planning processes. In other words, the new Green Energy Act supercedes all municipal plans. Under the regulation, public notice is to be given to nearby residents through various local media and at least two community public meetings are required - one during the planning of the project and the oither after all studies are completed.

Another key component is that Aboriginal consultation is required. Accordingly, according to the Act, "... the Crown will be integral to the process of consultation with Aboriginal Communities." In other words, all Aboriginal communities that may have an interest in a proposed energy project or whose treaty rights may be potentially impacted are to be consulted.

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12/07/2009 08:58 PM


According to a report prepared for public meetings, no renewable energy facilities will be allowed within significant wetlands in southern and central Ontario or on significant coastal wetlands.

Two of the most recent applications for 'wind farms' has been by NextEra Energy Canada proposing two projects - the Tara Wind Farm Project that covers lands east of Tara in both Bruce and Grey Counties and the Paisley Wind Farm Project on land immediately north of Paisley in Bruce County. Each of the projects proposes six turbines with electrical generation of approximately nine Mega Watts that will tie into the Hydro One grid.

NextEra Energy currently has 8,000 wind turbines across North America.

Given the new Green Energy Act, it would appear that municipal planning and/or environmental assessments will have little or no bearing on the installation of wind farms and that public meetings, as required by law, are a mere formality.

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