Another Take on Earth Day


Earth Day began as a global voice to create environmental awareness of, what we now know, is the plight of the planet.  If you're Wal-Mart however, you might just use Earth Day for a major "merchandising and marketing campaign."

Three weeks ago, Wal-Mart reported its intention to print nearly one-third of a billion pages of "green" advertising in April in the U.S. alone, inviting shoppers to splurge during its 'Earth Month' marketing blitz.  Don't get me wrong, but isn't there something wrong with this picture?  Something hypocritical?

A billion pages to print 'green' advertising when it takes 17 trees to make a ton of paper!  Encouraging customers to drive to their stores, creating untold pollution ... to 'splurge' on packaging that creates a landfill horror story!

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 Not to mention the emissions caused by the truck transports that were used to get the product to the stores in the first place.  Or the pollution created by the ships bringing the products across the oceans.

Is this not a 'green' whitewashing?

According to sources at a recent conference, Wal-Mart's own CEO, Lee Scott, flatly declared  that,  "We are NOT green".

When you're talking about the biggest retailer in the entire world and they are going against absolutely every law of nature and contributing in huge quantity to the demise of the planet's health, does this not mean anything to anyone?